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Greensboro, NC Risk Management, Life Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance

Risk Management

Having Protection



Life Insurance

Traditionally life insurance has been used for income replacement, wealth transfer from one generation to another and paying off debt in the event of an untimely death of a loved one or business partner. Normally the income is tax free to the beneficiary. With the evolution of newer products it is being used more and more as a supplemental retirement program.  The internal cash value accumulates tax free and with proper planning can be taking at retirement tax free.

Life Insurance and Critical Illness Insurance, Signature Wealth Management



Critical Illness Insurance

What would happen to you and your family if you suddenly had to stop working due to a critical condition?  Today there are 5.8 million stroke survivors.  Over 1.2 million Americans have suffered a heart attack with 62% still alive.  In 2008, 1.4 million Americans were expected to be diagnosed with cancer.  With just these few statistics we can see the likelihood of an average American becoming critically ill.  Critical illness insurance will help with the direct and indirect costs incurred with something like a heart attack, stroke, or being diagnosed with cancer.  The medical costs alone can be overwhelming, not to mention being unable to work.  Critical illness insurance will pay in a lump sum in the event you are diagnosed with one of these serious ailments.  There are no restrictions to how you use your money, therefore it can be used to cover any expense you may have including things such as mortgage payments, childcare, travel expenses, or your medical expenses.This insurance fills the gap between your medical, disability, and your life insurance.