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Greensboro, NC Real Estate Investing, Tax, Conservation

Real Estate Investing

Conservative "Outside of the Box" Investing


Real Estate

It’s no secret that over the past several years, there have been millions of foreclosures in the United States.  The banks cannot legally hold these homes on their books and therefore must sale these properties at a deep discount.  Signature Wealth has partnered with a team of professionals that specialize in acquiring these homes for 15-20% of the original appraised value. Our partners research the property, acquire, and manage all aspects of either renting or flipping the home for a profit, making it a turn-key operation for the client. The homes are purchased for all cash, making them a low risk investment.  The client also receives a 7% preferred return usually paid quarterly.

Real Estate Investing, Land conservation, Signature Wealth Management

Land Conservation Programs

Conservation programs are intended to preserve property in its natural undeveloped condition. This provides a benefit to the public by conserving open lands, forest, farmland, stream banks, and significant natural resources.  Because of the public benefit, there are significant federal, state, and local tax incentives that accompany these programs.  When combining conservation with developed land, the investor can acquire property for investment purposes while also receiving a significant tax deduction, reducing his or her out of pocket cost.

Real Estate Tax Liens

Every County in America has property taxes.  What most people don’t realize is that once the property tax on a given property goes unpaid and becomes delinquent the majority of these counties sale these obligations in the form of tax liens or tax deeds.

The benefits are:

  • They are secured by real property and enforced by State law
  • Ability to acquire property for a fraction of its value
  • Consistent double digit returns are possible
  • There are thousands of separate lien sales with millions of liens to choose from


Signature Wealth Management has people who specialize in helping our clients acquire these instruments.