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Planning for Retirement


Planning Retirement, Annuities, Fixed, Signature Wealth Management


When planning for retirement, the question on most people’s mind is “Am I going to outlive my money?”  Fixed Indexed and Fixed Traditional annuities have made it possible to have an income that you can’t outlive.  There are many different products with multiple ways of building cash value on your retirement fund.


Fixed Traditional Annuity - In a Fixed Traditional annuity there is a fixed declared interest rate, much like a CD with the exception that interest on an annuity accumulates tax deferred. Principle and interest are guaranteed.


Fixed Indexed Annuity - Like the traditional annuity, fixed index annuities accumulate tax deferred. Also, your principle and any earned interest are guaranteed. Instead of paying a fixed rate of interest the rate is determined by the growth of an index such as the S&P 500. Fixed Index annuities allow you to participate in part of the upside of the market without incurring the downside risk.