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Greensboro,NC Wealth Accumulation, Tax Reduction, Asset Protection

Individual Services



Wealth Accumulation

People accumulate wealth for different reasons. Retirement, education of their children or grandchildren, family protection and estate distribution are just a few. By using objective third party research and proper asset allocation techniques Signature Wealth Management can help maximize gain and minimize losses.

Wealth Accumulation, Retirement Planning, Tax Reduction, Asset Protection, Estate Preservation

Retirement Planning

Planning for retirement is an important piece to ones life. Its important to use realistic numbers, interest rates and inflation rates for future projections. Equally important is to review the information on a regular basis. We help our clients review their employer sponsored programs as well as private assets earmarked for retirement. We project these numbers out to life expectancy along with income goals to determine if any adjustments need to be made.


Tax Reduction Strategies

Using the latest strategies, we help our clients reduce their income taxes. By using tax deferred programs, charitable annuities and other techniques we can provide more spendable income to be used to reach our clients goals.


Asset Protection

We live in a very litigious society. It is important to protect your assets from the unsuspecting situation which place your assets in jeopardy. This helps provide peace of mind and family security.


Estate Preservation and Planning

Proper planning can reduce income and estate taxes, increase gifts to loved ones and minimise headaches and cost of settling your estate, leaving more of you hard earned assets to your family and loved ones.